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#5 - 90 days to go: are you ready to query your GA4 data?

— Johan van de Werken

Hi there,

First, a warm welcome to the 543 new subscribers who joined since the last newsletter.

In March 2023 we welcomed 22.9k visitors: count(distinct user_pseudo_id) as total_users.

As we're getting closer to the Universal Analytics deprecation date (July 1st, 2023) we still see a steady increase in users looking for inspiration on how to set up and query the GA4 BigQuery export.

Are you ready to pull the switch?

My goal is still the same: provide valuable content to data analysts, marketeers and engineers who seek guidance on how to query the GA4 BigQuery export data set.

New articles on GA4BigQuery

Since the last newsletter I've added 4 new articles:

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Search Console:

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and happy querying!

Best regards,