GA4BigQuery is a digital platform on how to query Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data in BigQuery.

Per July 1st, 2023 Universal Analytics (GA3) will stop collecting data. Are you prepared?

My goal is to provide valuable content to data analysts, online marketeers and engineers, who seek guidance on how to query the GA4 BigQuery export data set.

My name is Johan van de Werken. I have 8+ years hands-on experience in marketing and data analytics. I thrive best at the sweet spot between data, business & tech.

Together with Simo Ahava I have created a popular video course, focusing on learning SQL in the context of Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 4.

I can’t think of a better teacher to learn BigQuery from than Johan van de Werken. As a daily user of his site I can attest to his expertise of Google Analytics data in BigQuery and his willingness to help others learn.
- Jim Gianoglio, Director Marketing Analytics @ Bounteous